Monday, March 28, 2011


Hello blog world! How have you been? I hope all is well with all of you. My back is almost 100% better, just a twinge every now and then. I just got over the flu and am determined to stay healthy!

Speaking of healthy, I belong to this Saturday morning Bible study/ weight loss group and a bunch of us decided to do the Daniel fast for the duration of lent. What, you ask is the Daniel fast. Well basically it's eating only things that are grown from a seed and no sweeteners or processed foods. So no meat, dairy, sweets, or white flour products.

We just finished week two and I am grumpy! Hungry? Yes, of course. But not being ablle to eat cheese and chicken is making me really grumpy. The problem today was we hadn't gone grocery shopping for dinners yet this week so we decided we were going to go out to eat. And of course we start off with the "Where do you wanna eat?" Conversation. You know, the one where neither person knows what or where they want to go so there's a whole lot of I dunno you decides thrown around. FRUSTRATING!!! So we decide on Pick Up Stix. Only all their sauces have some form of sugar in them. GRRR!! I walked out on the verge of tears. Really, I'm not kidding. We ended up at a salad bar...totally unsatisfying.

The point behind a fast is spiritual and sometimes I forget that. Depriving myself is not easy for me. I'm your typical western minded American. I want what I want when I want it. You would think that after doing this fast last year and giving up sugar in August I'd be over it by now but I'm obviously not. It's a tough lesson to learn but I'm working on it.

I will tell you that I am very much looking forward to Easter when I can have some animal protein!