Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day!!

Happy February 29th Everybody, especially to Tony, whose birthday is today.

Love ya!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Ok, so this isn't the best picture but it's the best I could do without actually getting out of my car (these shoes are killing my feet) while waiting for my sister to come home. Why am I waiting in my car instead of in the house, you ask...well that would be because I left my keys in the house. But it was such a nice day that I couldn't resist snapping that picture with my little camera phone. Anyway, happy Thursday.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Girl Scout Cookies Have Come...And Gone!

Girl Scout cookies have arrived. I only ordered 2 boxes this year. One Lemon Chalet Creme and one Chocolate Chip. I got the them this morning and have already polished off one whole box. I couldn't seem to stop eating them. I'm pretty sure those crafty little scouts put some kind of addictive drug in them. Little Girl Scout Oompa Loompas in some cookie factory somewhere are giggling away knowing that I've eaten that whole darn box. Mean little girloompas!!

Here's my completely empty box that I ate all by myself.

See that glob of lemony goodness? I considered licking it off but I do have some self control (plus I didn't want anyone to catch me doing it).

Friday, February 22, 2008

Can hiccups give you toned abs?

I don't get the hiccups. In fact, I literally can't remember how long it's been since I had them. I'm thinking it was sometime in the 6th grade (I'm 34 now) but for sure not in High School and none since.

Until today.

At 3:58 I had my first one and at 4:19 I had my last. I have forgotten how painful they can be. I also thought God might be getting a bit of a chuckle, and, after all my laughing at friends who get hiccups decided I was going to end up like those people you see on TV that have had hiccups for 16 years nonstop, then one day I'll be going about my business and Oprah or Ellen will call and be like, "So, you've had hiccups for 16 years, tell us what that's like." and I at my most eloquent will say something like, "it sucks". I'll never be able to show my face in public because of the embarassment of saying "it sucks" on tv.

But, alas, they only lasted for 21 minutes.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I went for my root canal today and as far as pain during the procedure goes, it was a breeze compare to those two fillings. Afterwards was a different story but still tolerable (plus they gave me all these groovy drugs, maaaan). The unbearable part is that I have to go back for more next week then still have another 2, count them TWO, more appointments after that for the crown fitting and putting-on. I'm even more convinced that dentists are an invention of the devil! Just when you think you're done, they pull you back in!! Evil, evil people. Swollen...sore...and $300 broker...I'm plotting my revenge, or I will be once I deflate and the vicodin wears off.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Pain Is Coming

Tomorrow is my root canal...please pray for me!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Ugh Taxtime

In past years I've relished doing my taxes because a) I can do them myself on the EZ forms since I have no complications to my life and 2) I usually get a nice sized refund. This year, however, I'm dreading it completely! I claimed exempt (this means no taxes were taken out of my paychecks at all) for a big chunk of the year so now I'm feeling the wrath of the IRS. And it hurts! Sorta like in the Wrath of Khan where that bug thing crawls into Checkov's ear...that's how much it hurts - with the bleeding and the gnashing of teeth, etc. (ok, yes, I've watched a few Star Trek movies in my time, this does not make me a Trekkie (live long and prosper)).

I'm now having to actually pay the IRS even more of my hard earned's bad enough that they take almost 20% of everything, now they want more. I do realize that in the grand scheme of life here on earth my minor tax glitch is unimportant, but gosh darnit, it pisses me off!

I think I'll go live in a commune. They don't pay taxes do they?

Friday, February 15, 2008

I Know Where The Angles Live

Ok, they're not really angels but the AAA is definitely heaven sent. I was over due on renewing my registration which would normally evoke a huge basket of negative feelings and emotions. Mostly because this would mean actually going into the DMV instead of mailing in my renewal. However, God, in his infinite wisdom and enduring kindness has decreed that there be an organization where you can go and avoid the depression inducing flourescent lighting and beige walls of the dreaded DMV. This organization is called the Automobile Association of America (I'm pretty sure that's what the 3 A's stand for). There you can renew your registration while, if there is a line, amongst very informative and inspiring travel books and brochures. You can actually plan your next vacation instead of planning your quickest escape route. It's amazing!!

Those kind people at the AAA are definitely doing God's work.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day everybody! These are the cupcakes I decided to make for my co-workers. I'm not sure why the candy heart says goodbye...I probably should have read it before I put it on a cupcake but oh well. The frosting is just regular store bought vanilla but mix a little raspberry jam with it and shabam you got yourself a tasty treat. (I wanted to eat it like soup)

Have a good v-day!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dentists are from the devil!!!

Yesterday I went in to the dentist to have a cavity filled, ok, it was 2 cavities...I love my sugar. So she shoots me with the big ass needle and my cheek and tongue start to tingle. She asks me if I'm numb...nope but I'm tingly. So she waits a few more minutes and asks again...nope but getting there. She decides this requires more needle work...what the hell?! Why not just wait a couple more minutes till it takes full effect? But no, she pulls out that needle again and goes to work. finally I'm feeling numb and she and her assistant get down to business.

First they drill on one cavity...fine, no trauma there. Then, they start drilling on the second cavity...what was that? Did I just feel a twinge of ....STOP!!!! Oh my garsh!!! Instant agony!! She stops, pulls out countless instruments from my mouth and I tell her...UMMMM...I felt that, should I be feeling that? She tells me no and again pulls out her best friend, Mr. Needle. She immediately goes back to work on the first cavity, the one that is blessedly numb. She finishes up that filling and moves on to the other one. Drill, Drill Drill....dear God in Heaven!!! I still feel that demon drill!!! I tell her this and she asks, "Is it bearable because I'm almost done?" Well, lets see, can I sit here blithely while this torture master is drilling a hole in my head without the full effects of the novocaine? Sure, why the hell not. So she continues. when she's finished drilling she has to do ten other things that cause "discomfort".

Finally, she's all finished and I have to go on to my cleaning appointment with Debbie, who I am also convinced is in league with Lucifer. Luckily, by this time I'm so numb that even my ear and temple are numb so I don't really feel what she's doing to me. I was numb until about 8:30 at night (my appointment was at 2:30) and then was pretty much asleep by 9:30...dealing with the devil's minions takes alot out of I didn't really feel anything last night. This morning, however, is a different story. The tooth they worked on is pain at all. The spot where she shot me multiple times is so sore that it hurts to open my jaw to yawn or take a bite of anything. Lovely. So, now, I'm not only sore, I'm hungry and a little pissed off.

Don't worry though, I've decided that the minions will get their comeuppance. Somehow, someway, they will get theirs.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Babies Babies Everywhere!!

I’m surrounded by babies!!! My friends and I are at the age when babies start popping out like gumballs from a gumball machine. Every time I turn around someone else is pregnant. While I’m all for propagating the species, I just don’t seem to have the gene that says “Hey there lady, tick tock tick tock, get yourself knocked up already!!” I have the opposite gene, the one that says “Babies?! We don’t need no stinkin’ babies!!!” Don’t get me wrong…I love babies and children in general, I ooh and ahh over them as much as the next woman. In fact, I love acting as interim aunt or babysitter while in my friends’ company but that doesn’t mean I gotta have one of my own.

So, here’s the run down. In the last 2 years there have been 8 babies born within my circle of friends and/or co-workers. That seems like a lot to me…maybe because heretofore (I love that word) there have been none.
I dunno, maybe one day I’ll wake up and all of a sudden need to have one of my own and will rush out and make an appointment at the nearest sperm bank (beats trolling the bars for “donors”). But until that day comes I’m a most willing babysitter.

This is April with little W. Whom I refer to as little peanut.

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Heart of a Lion

My dog is afraid of plastic grocery bags. I've often thought he must have had a traumatic experience with one as a pup but, truth be told, my dog is just a big old wimp. He's afraid of anything that might move suddenly even though he's the one making it move. So if he starts playing with something that's lighter than his tennis balls he jumps. The poor little guy is deathly afraid of cat toys. He's afraid of the sound labels make when they're torn off of something. He runs everytime I open a new cd or dvd. On the Fourth of July and New Years, he's an absolute basket case.

I am eternally grateful, however, that he runs and hides in any small crack or crevice instead of barking like a crazy dog. Now, get him around other dogs and he doesn't act afraid. He doesn't socialize but at least he doesn't cower...cuz he's macho like that.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Urban Explorations

Today was the first day of my "Urban Explorations". I live only 23 miles from downtown LA and only go into the city once in a while. I've lived here my whole life (minus a year and a half when I was out of state for college) and there are certain places in LA that I've never been. So, to remedy that I've decided that once a month I'm going to go into the city and explore. Considering that I'm in my 30's I'd say it's about time. So here are some of my pics from today's trip...

This our lovely Union save gas we took the train in. (It looks as it's about to get hit by a meteor in this out everybody - the sky is falling!!)

This is a thing-a-ma-bob at the entrance to Olvera Street.

Olvera Street vendors...muy gangas!

I got this awesome bag for only cinco dollars!!!

From Olvera Street we walked 2 blocks to Little Tokyo and first on our list was the Japanese American Museum (seeing as I'm 1/2 Japanese I thought it a good idea).

Here's my lovely sister, April, in front of the Japanese Village marker.

This is a (I am only 1/2 Japanese, after all, I can't be expected to know everything) also at the entrance to the Japanese Village.

My yummy lunch at the Korean and Japanese BBQ in the Japanese village.

Life in the Japanese Village...I've never been to Japan but I imagine it like this.

Why so angry little doll?

These sculptures were down this alley/courtyard not getting the attention they deserve.

April in I Love Boba, which I don't. Boba makes me slightly queasy.

These lamps were also in I Love Boba. They kinda remind me of that hat that Phyllis Diller used to wear so I had to take a pic.

This sign shows all our sister cities throughout the world. I've never heard of half of them and only been to one. Behind the sign is our city hall building. Though not the tallest in the city by far, it's probably the most recognized.

This is our brand new CalTrans building. If you love modern architecture (and I do) this building is impressive but not as visually striking as...

The Walt Disney Concert Hall. Frank Gehry is my hero.

This is the super modern cathedral, Our Lady of...uh...something. Where Bishop (insert Irish last name) is based out of. Sorry, I'm not Catholic. If I was, I'm sure I would know the name of both the cathedral and the bishop.

Another modern building just north of the cathedral. I'm not sure what it houses but it's cool looking.

After our trek past modern mile, we ended up in China Town where they were having their Chinese New Year Festival. We made it in time to catch the very end of the parade.

One of the floats...I don't know who these people are but we waved at them anyway.

This was the last float in the parade...the princesses.

We ended the day and had dinner back on Olvera St. (this is actually the street that runs parallel to it).

This is the Mission Nuestra Senora Reina de Los Angeles across from Olvera St.

And here we are on the train to go back home (that's my foot in the reflection) after a very long but fun day.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Paninis Kill

I was at a local cafe today and ordered a panini. It was delicious!! However, they should come with a warning label that tells you there's a chance that your uvula, tonsils, esophagus, etc are in danger of impalement upon the razor-sharp, strong-as-steel crusts which will become lodged in your throat stabbing you repeatedly with every cough, swallow or spasm!!! OWWW!! My poor tender throat parts will never be the same. (Do they make ninja throwing stars out of panini bread cuz that could probably save those ninjas a lot of money...just invest in one panini grill and bam you have yourself a ninja star factory.)

Anyhoo, I'm sitting there having lunch alone thinking "Dear God in Heaven, please do not let me choke on my ninja star panini here in this cafe filled with skinny women!! Will they have the strength to do the heimlich? Will their teeny tiny arms be able to wrap around my gut to administer the heimlich?" And just as my panic reaches its peak, I'm able to get the demon bread all the way down. Now I just sit there quite embarassed at my tear-filled eyes and all the hand waving that I was unaware I was even doing. The only reason I know I was flailing is because my hand, with a mind of its own, is still doing a sort of pathetic twitchy wave which I promptly stop because as my blurry vision focuses I see a woman I don't know at the door waving back at me with a very puzzled look on her face.

I think next Friday I'm going to stick to my usual Taco Bell fix and a really long nap.

Fun in the sun

I love Fridays!!! I get off of work at 11am and have the rest of the day to do whatever tickles my fancy. Today my fancy said to a) pay bills and 2) play with the Bub outside in the sun. So, after his appointment with Connie, our groomer we played a little fetch and did some sunbathing. We were both happy as little clams.

Here's my little Bub fresh from the groomer. He's absolutely giddy about being in the sun (and away from the torture master, as we refer to our groomer).

He looks a little high in this one hee hee.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!

Just wanted to wish everybody a Happy New Year!!!


Friday, February 1, 2008

Stigmas are for wussies!!

As a chronic, I mean confirmed, bachelorette, I approach the month of February with a certain amount of trepidation. The coming holiday actually happens to be one of my favorites second only to Christmas in my book. Maybe it's because as a girl, pink was my favorite color or because I like hearts or maybe I'm just a romantic at heart, I don't know, but whatever the reason, I love Valentine's Day!!!

The trepidation comes from one thing and one thing a woman we're taught that this holiday should never be spent without a date and many of my single female friends believe this wholeheartedly. So most of my February is spent consoling and cajoling said friends trying to share my philosophy of single aint so bad. In the past I've thrown Valentine's Day parties for the singles or given little gifts to them to remind them that just because they're dateless on that particular nite they're not alone. And while I know the value of a romantic relationship I also know that strong friendships can fill in if you let them.

So here's my postulation on the whole Valentine's Day thing...Since there is no day that celebrates the joys of singlehood why let the doubles have all the fun? Being single has never been easier than it is today so celebrate it!! If you're single and happy about it throw a bash and do it on Valentine's Day. Make it a "Thank God I've Dodged That Bullet" party or whatever you want to make it but celebrate it and celebrate it loudly. Let all those who feel a dateless V-Day is a shame know that that stigma is for wussies!!