Friday, February 1, 2008

Stigmas are for wussies!!

As a chronic, I mean confirmed, bachelorette, I approach the month of February with a certain amount of trepidation. The coming holiday actually happens to be one of my favorites second only to Christmas in my book. Maybe it's because as a girl, pink was my favorite color or because I like hearts or maybe I'm just a romantic at heart, I don't know, but whatever the reason, I love Valentine's Day!!!

The trepidation comes from one thing and one thing a woman we're taught that this holiday should never be spent without a date and many of my single female friends believe this wholeheartedly. So most of my February is spent consoling and cajoling said friends trying to share my philosophy of single aint so bad. In the past I've thrown Valentine's Day parties for the singles or given little gifts to them to remind them that just because they're dateless on that particular nite they're not alone. And while I know the value of a romantic relationship I also know that strong friendships can fill in if you let them.

So here's my postulation on the whole Valentine's Day thing...Since there is no day that celebrates the joys of singlehood why let the doubles have all the fun? Being single has never been easier than it is today so celebrate it!! If you're single and happy about it throw a bash and do it on Valentine's Day. Make it a "Thank God I've Dodged That Bullet" party or whatever you want to make it but celebrate it and celebrate it loudly. Let all those who feel a dateless V-Day is a shame know that that stigma is for wussies!!

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