Thursday, January 31, 2008

Jasper Sasparilla, The Mighty Pommie

Three years ago we were blessed with a new addition to the family...the week of Thanksgiving 2004 a little furball wandered into the very loud, very scary manufacturing shop at my work and decided to hide behind our soda vending machine. After growling at anyone passing by (except me of was love at first sight for both of us) he was finally convinced to come out of hiding. As fate would have it, one of the supervisors has a daughter who works in an animal hospital so he took him to her, got the little scamp cleaned up and vaccinated and (I type this quietly because he's listening) neutered. After plastering the area with "found dog" flyers we learned that one of the guys at work saw the poor dog being tossed out of a car, clearly being abandoned. Though the animal lover in me screams for that a**hole to be drawn and quartered, I'm eternally grateful to him because now I have Jasper "bubby" Sasparilla. The love of my life. The apple of my eye. The jelly in my donut.

Strangely enough, I have never had a dog before nor did I consider myself an animal person but having this one little fluff ball in my life has changed all that. It really is amazing - this capacity to care that I never new was there (ha-I'm a poet and didn't know it). It has been an adventure getting to know this little dog and finding out the ins and outs of dog care. I think it helps that he's such a good natured dog, not yappy like most little dogs, slightly neurotic (I'm sure I'll have more about that later), and completely adorable.

I love coming home at the end of the day to his manic greeting (lots of hopping and wiggling), his strange phobias, I even love his stinky corn chip smell that tells me he's about three days overdue for a bath (ok, this might have fallen under the TMI category but oh well).

Here's hoping the adventures of Crissy & Jasper continue for years to come.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Ok, so I've never had a blog before and being of the generation that invented it, I feel slightly nonplussed that I haven't started one. I never had the ability or patience or interest to keep a diary or a journal of any kind as a child and as an adult...I'm ashamed to say, not much has changed. Maybe because the pages/screen doesn't talk back to me (not usually anyway - hard to tell with all those other voices screaming around up in my noggin).

I really like the feedback that comes with talking one on one with a good friend. However, I have come to the conclusion that with a blog comes the blessing of saying whatever I damn well please without the worry of freaking someone out and seeing that look on their face that screams "Whoa there, freakazoid!! Ease up on the freakiness, freak show!" I can just type away and if you end up reading - if you don't...awesome!

So, with my new worry free bliss I can only say, let the freak show begin!!!