Friday, February 15, 2008

I Know Where The Angles Live

Ok, they're not really angels but the AAA is definitely heaven sent. I was over due on renewing my registration which would normally evoke a huge basket of negative feelings and emotions. Mostly because this would mean actually going into the DMV instead of mailing in my renewal. However, God, in his infinite wisdom and enduring kindness has decreed that there be an organization where you can go and avoid the depression inducing flourescent lighting and beige walls of the dreaded DMV. This organization is called the Automobile Association of America (I'm pretty sure that's what the 3 A's stand for). There you can renew your registration while, if there is a line, amongst very informative and inspiring travel books and brochures. You can actually plan your next vacation instead of planning your quickest escape route. It's amazing!!

Those kind people at the AAA are definitely doing God's work.

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Anonymous said...

totally feelin ya