Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Girl Scout Cookies Have Come...And Gone!

Girl Scout cookies have arrived. I only ordered 2 boxes this year. One Lemon Chalet Creme and one Chocolate Chip. I got the them this morning and have already polished off one whole box. I couldn't seem to stop eating them. I'm pretty sure those crafty little scouts put some kind of addictive drug in them. Little Girl Scout Oompa Loompas in some cookie factory somewhere are giggling away knowing that I've eaten that whole darn box. Mean little girloompas!!

Here's my completely empty box that I ate all by myself.

See that glob of lemony goodness? I considered licking it off but I do have some self control (plus I didn't want anyone to catch me doing it).

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Tammy said...

I stumbled onto your blog and just kept reading. I got to your vacation...guess what I live in Richmond. I want to come to California for the same price. However, I write because on the east coast we don't have the same girl scout cookies. Interesting huh. We don't have lemon or chocolate chip. My favorites are tagalongs (peanut butter, butter cookie covered in chocolate) samoas which have toasted coconut in them. Thin Mints (I don't like chocolate and mint together, I get them for my boyfriend) and some others that I rerely buy. Interesting to me that different locals have different cookies.