Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dentists are from the devil!!!

Yesterday I went in to the dentist to have a cavity filled, ok, it was 2 cavities...I love my sugar. So she shoots me with the big ass needle and my cheek and tongue start to tingle. She asks me if I'm numb...nope but I'm tingly. So she waits a few more minutes and asks again...nope but getting there. She decides this requires more needle work...what the hell?! Why not just wait a couple more minutes till it takes full effect? But no, she pulls out that needle again and goes to work. finally I'm feeling numb and she and her assistant get down to business.

First they drill on one cavity...fine, no trauma there. Then, they start drilling on the second cavity...what was that? Did I just feel a twinge of ....STOP!!!! Oh my garsh!!! Instant agony!! She stops, pulls out countless instruments from my mouth and I tell her...UMMMM...I felt that, should I be feeling that? She tells me no and again pulls out her best friend, Mr. Needle. She immediately goes back to work on the first cavity, the one that is blessedly numb. She finishes up that filling and moves on to the other one. Drill, Drill Drill....dear God in Heaven!!! I still feel that demon drill!!! I tell her this and she asks, "Is it bearable because I'm almost done?" Well, lets see, can I sit here blithely while this torture master is drilling a hole in my head without the full effects of the novocaine? Sure, why the hell not. So she continues. when she's finished drilling she has to do ten other things that cause "discomfort".

Finally, she's all finished and I have to go on to my cleaning appointment with Debbie, who I am also convinced is in league with Lucifer. Luckily, by this time I'm so numb that even my ear and temple are numb so I don't really feel what she's doing to me. I was numb until about 8:30 at night (my appointment was at 2:30) and then was pretty much asleep by 9:30...dealing with the devil's minions takes alot out of I didn't really feel anything last night. This morning, however, is a different story. The tooth they worked on is pain at all. The spot where she shot me multiple times is so sore that it hurts to open my jaw to yawn or take a bite of anything. Lovely. So, now, I'm not only sore, I'm hungry and a little pissed off.

Don't worry though, I've decided that the minions will get their comeuppance. Somehow, someway, they will get theirs.

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