Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ireland here I come!

In dealing with bills, bill collectors and an ever-shrinking paycheck due to our sucky economy, I decided I want to join a commune. Or maybe start one, I'm not sure yet. So, like always, I start the necessary research and let me tell you, there are some really freaky people out there. But then I came upon The Village. It's a planned eco-village...in Ireland! I think I could handle that. Here's a list of some of their features...

A thriving community closely integrated with the town of Cloughjordan
130 low energy homes
A solar- and wood- powered community heating system
Pedestrian pathways lined with fruit and nut trees, and a streamside walkway
An enterprise centre and broadband
50 acres of land for allotments, farming and woodland
A centre of education for sustainable living
A hostel for visitors
A nearby train station and local car-sharing scheme

Considering that one of the bills I'm having trouble with is my car payment, that last feature sounds like it's right up my alley.

Anywho, here are some pics from their photo gallery...

The land - who wouldn't want to live here?!

Local pub - very important to know the where abouts of the local establishments!

Store who's name I can not read nor pronounce - anybody want to teach me Gaelic?

Fairymount Farm - I'm thinking this is the acreage they have set aside for members to plant and tend. Doesn't really matter, it's called Fairymount for crying out loud! I'm buying my plane ticket today!


muralimanohar said...

Dude...check out where a friend of mine lives: http://www.terrastudios.com/

Click on the sidebar A Tour of Terra. When the map opens, you can rollover it and click on any of the locations. You have GOT to see the gardens, esp! And she LIVES there! With her kids and dh! Holy moly!

Sasparilla Sue said...

Muralimanohar: I wanna live there too! Ok, Arkansas in the winter and Ireland in the Summer!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I think I might join you there!

Serena said...

The store name is pronounced: shee-la ma-gig. (the first bit is quite drawn out, the ma-gig is shorter)

Good luck with your non-reader status....

Serena said...

sorry. typo there..

sheee-la na-gig