Friday, November 12, 2010

What no photos?

If you've been blogging and following other people's blogs then you, no doubt, have what I call "blog friends". You know, those bloggers that you follow and make comments to and they, in turn, make comments on your blog and so you sort of have this cyber repartee going. For instance, I try to read this blog and this blog as faithfully as possible and I comment now and then and they comment every now and then on this blog. They are my blog friends.

Then there are friends with blogs. When I first started blogging I started on Yahoo and only one person ever read anything I wrote and that was only because I told him, "Hey I started a blog, read it." And he had a blog that he told me to read. He and I were the only people I personally knew that even knew what blogging was and I felt alone in my little blog bubble. Then I moved over here to blogger and discovered a whole different world going on that I could identify with. However, I still didn't know if any of my personal friends/family had their own blogs. And really I was content to think I had one up on my circle of friends (however untrue that really was).

Well, I am no longer content. I find I am coming to the realization that I want to know what my friends and family are putting out there or even if they are putting anything out there into cyber space.

So having said that (and that's not at all what I had planned to write!) here are a few friends' blogs that I want to tell you about...

Laura's Speech Therapy Blog - Laura and I often talk about how she thinks she is not a creative type but I insist it's in there begging to be let out. So judging by the name of her new blog she scores a point but if you read her posts (all of three that's how new it is) you'll see glimpses of a creative mind in between all the intellectual brilliance.
Lovely Lemondrops - This is Esther's blog. She's an old hand at blogging even though she's only 20 or so. At the moment she's having a fabulous time studying abroad in Merry Old England and her photos show it.
James Laing's Blog - James is an associate pastor at my church and an awesome worship leader. He writes about life in general like most of us do but from a really strong Christian POV.

So there are three. I posted on Facebook that I was curious if any of my friends had blogs so we'll se if any of them trust me or like me enough to let me read what they're writing.


Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Awww... I'm so glad you consider me one of your "blog friends" - it's so true isn't it! There are all these people that I have never met, but yet consider dear friends :)

But it is also fun to have "friends who blog", friends that you can chat to in the real word about this fun, lovely world of blogging.

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Melanie said everything I wanted to say. This world of blogging absolutely amazes me. The friends I've made online and the ones that have become real life friends mean the world to me. I feel truly blessed to have discovered blogging.