Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Australian Bush Fires and a Winner!

Have you heard about the terrible fires that are tearing through Southern Australia? They're being called the worst bush fires in Australia's history. The death toll, at last update, was nearing 200. The news here had a 15 second blurb about the fires yesterday morning and I haven't really seen much else about them on our local news. Living in a state that is super prone to brush fires I would think that we'd be hearing more about these fires, but no. I did a quick search for how much land has been burned because here in California, whenever there are fires that's basically what they focus on, but with these fires, the number of lives lost is just devastating and unfathomable.

There is a way you can help. Actually, many ways. If you go on over to the Meet Me at Mikes blog and read her last 6 or so posts she has so much information on ways to help that I'm not going to repeat it here. But, really, there are tons of ways we can help from an ocean away. So please, pick one or ten and just do it. And for any of you Australian's that might read this, I'm praying hard for those who've lost homes and loved ones to these fires.

Now, for the winner of my little give away...

So, my dear, if you'll email me at snnglbuny2 (at) gmail (dot) com with your address and color preferences I'll get it to you tout de suite!

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Tinniegirl said...

How exciting. I'm off to email you now. Can't believe I won. I feel very 'Tinnie'