Saturday, February 28, 2009

Love Fridays

I'm really loving this Friday cuz I actually got stuff done. Normally, I wake up on Fridays telling myself that since this is my day off I'm going to work on some projects, get some stuff done. 6 out of 10 times it doesn't happen. There's all sorts of reasons why, the biggest one being that I'm LAZY.

Today, though, I got a bunch of projects done. The only one I took pictures of, so far, was my felt Make-Along project....

It's a bag for taking aand bringing home the Valentines that kids pass out at school. It didn't start out as that. It actually didn't start out as anything. I started cutting up the pink felt and this is what it told me it wanted to be. Now I have to find a child to give it to.

If you want to see all the very amazing things people have been making with felt this month, check out the flickr group. And if you want more reasons to love Fridays, go over to Tinniegirl and check 'em out.


CurlyPops said...

How sweet. I love a bit of blanket stitching around the edges.

Tinniegirl said...

That's gorgeous.

I know what you mean about thinking that the day off is going to be so productive and then not getting anything done. It happens to me all the time. Mostly thanks to the computer I have to say.

edward and lilly said...

This is so cute, and such a great idea!