Friday, March 6, 2009

Love Fridays

This week has gone by so fast I didn't realize I hadn't posted anything since last Friday. That's all right, it may have been a fast week but it was also uneventful.
I'm loving this Friday because of the awesome weather the last two days. It's been the low 70's and favorite kind of day.

This is the view from work, ignore all the ugly power lines and industrial buildings but look at that green and blue. I love it!

Normally it's brown and, well, brown. Brown dried up grass and brown smoggy sky. But there are days, two times a year (during spring and fall) when the days are like this. It reminds me that living here is a privilege and I should take full advantage.

I also got a couple of projects done today. The first is another pencil roll, another very late Christmas gift for L.

L. reads my blog but it's ok, she already knows it's coming. Now she'll see how awesome it is and she'll maybe come over to get it and we can go see a movie...maybe Watchman. Just a suggestion.
Anyway, here's some more detail of the pencil roll...

All rolled up and ready to go.

I made (from left to right) a few pockets for normal pens and pencils, pockets for a 6 pack of highlighters (all my highlighters are at work so let's pretend that the pens and batteries in the pockets are highlighters), 2 miscellaneous pockets and one flapped pocket for milk money.

Here's the pocket up close. No, I'm not giving her that milk money (it's actually my phone bill money).
The other project was another zippered pouch, slightly different in design, slightly better made than the first. This pouch was actually designed to be long enough to be used as a pencil case. I made it from more vintage sheets in my favorite color...purple.

For more reasons to love Fridays, visit Tinnigirl and check the list. Oh, and be sure to wish her luck on her craft fair stall.

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