Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Don't you love life's serendipitous moments? Having been ill all weekend, I didn't have time to go do any shopping (just normal stuff like shampoo, toothbrush, etc). So I decided to do it after work today. I normally would go to store A but decided instead to go to store B, slightly out of the way but I just like going there more. So on the way home, I'm driving along this road and lo' & behold...a yard sale on a Tuesday, weird, I know. And it is HUGE!!! So hearing the siren call of other people's cast offs, I stop and dive right in. Seeing as how I had just come from shopping, I didn't have much cash on me so I went straight for the books, you can never go wrong with the books. And I found me some lovely treasures

The first were these...

There's actually four books there, 2 sets of 2. They were a bit pricey at $3 a pair but considering they're still wrapped I figured it was all right. And I'm sure Little Chestnut is going to love them.
Then I got two for me...

I love Dr. Seuss and the Edna Ferber, well, I couldn't resist it. So, that's why I'm loving this Tuesday. If I hadn't been sick I would never have come across this awesome yard sale. Serendipitous, no?

P.s. I just might have to go back (they said they'd be there till Saturday), it was so big I only got to go through about a 1/4 of the stuff.