Sunday, June 19, 2011

New Venture

This is for all of you out there that are not my friend on Facebook. Mostly cuz I've already posted this all over Facebook and they're probably sick of hearing about it.

I've started a new venture. A new path that I'm hoping will not only be lucrative (or at least will be able to float me enough to pay some bills and buy some groceries) but also satisfying.

It's called Maple Leaf Confections. I love to cook and bake (and eat) and finding new ways to make sweets that don't have any processed sugars. In my tweeking of recipes and such I found that I absolutely love pure maple syrup and have started really getting into making things with it. I started with granola and have come up with a few original recipes of my own and have sold some and given away alot. Then I came up with these maple pralines that are dangerously addictive and absolutely to die for (not to blow my own horn or anything :)). And then there's the nuts. Candied nuts with no added sugar...are you kidding me?!

So I got this crazy idea that I might try to make some money off of it and have started a shop on Etsy. Which hasn't made me a penny...yet. That's where you all come in. Please please please check out my shop and if you can't buy anything tell a friend. Tell a co-worker. Tell anybody & everybody. So far I have only posted the granola and the pralines but will hopefully post the nuts this week. Anyway, I could really use your help blog friends.

Thanks so much!!!


hapi said...

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Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

It might be worth thinking about doing some advertising on some of the big American blogs like Kelly Rae Roberts, Superhero Journal, etc so that more people get to know about your product.

Good on you for getting a new venture off the ground. I hope it does succeed.