Monday, July 7, 2008

This is... my most treasured childhood possession

Well, this is actually the only item from my childhood that I have with me. There are countless treasures that are either still at my parents' house or have been heartlessly tossed out or given away. Included in these is my first teddy bear (tossed) that was all white with really long soft fur and blue eyes, a favorite stuffed chimp (at the parents' house) whose hands and feet and face are plastic so the poor fellow suffered through many toe and fingernail paintings, and my most favorite baby blanket (also at parents' house) that was a hawaiian print like you've never seen (think smiling happy coconuts). Going through everyone else's posts makes me wish I had these three items with me, if for nothing else but to look at and maybe stumble upon a memory I had forgotten.

Since I don't have any of those with me, I'm posting my baby ring as my most treasured childhood possession. Given to me when I was born, I find it amazing that any of my big old sausage fingers actually fit into it (that's my pinky in the picture). It's a Black Hills Gold ring which just means it's tri-colored. It needs a good cleaning but I think you can see it pretty well in the pics (forgive my unmanicured cuticles).

Just a side note...there was also a very treasured white plastic guitar with Shaun Cassidy's face on it that was unfortunately thrown away by a cruel & heartless parent...oh Shaun, with that feathered hair and big brown eyes...*sigh*!

Thanks to Teacups on Treetops for this week's stroll down memory lane. Take a look here to see other treasured memories and childhood ephemera.


Danielle said...

Sounds like you had lots of beautiful childhood treasures! That ring is extra special too. Thanks for playing along.

Sharon said...

I'm loving the sound of the baby blanket! Happy smiley coconuts? How ever did you sleep?!;)

CurlyPops said...

Your ring is really sweet.'s amazing that you still have something that is so small after all these years. Thank goodness it was never lost!

Bird Bath said...

very sweet ring. The other things sound pretty special too.
If only we had the storage for all our childhood treasures... I don't have much from my past, but can't bear to part with the special things my children love!

Lisa said...

Such a teeny ring.

So precious.