Friday, September 19, 2008

Cute Kitty

In my last post I mentioned that we might have a new addition to our household but I didn't want to say too much cuz I wasn't really sure. Well, I'm still not sure but I just couldn't keep these pics to myself anymore. We had this little teeny tiny kitty show up at our office with no mommy cat in sight so Gloria, whom I carpool with, and I decided to take her home and get her washed up and checked out by my vet. So, an hour of bathing and a $77 trip to the vet later I had this little fur ball. Originally, I brought her home thinking I could find a good home for her but couldn't find anybody to take her, so I thought I'd end up keeping her but there are a few things that have me thinking otherwise. First, I'm having allergy issues. I don't know if they are to her or just general allergies which I get 3 or 4 times a year. Second, my dog only tolerates her to a point then he starts nipping at the little scamp. And third, I'm not sure I have the energy to keep up with this little ball of energy, especially during the moving process. I have a friend who knows someone who wants a kitty so they might take her but, really, I go back and forth in my head about wanting to keep her. So, for now, we have this spazzy little hair ball tromping around our home.

And did I mention spazzy?

Little kitties are such fun to watch.

She was absolutely flea infested and super skinny but just after 3 days she's getting some meat on her bones and has ALL her energy back.

This was before his tolerance ran out.

This is WAY before the tolerance ran out. He actually looks happy here.


BigCat said...

They'll get used to each other and become firm friends. You know you have to keep her. She's too adorable not to.

Lisa [strickerin] said...

What a cutie. I could eat her all up.

Kittens are just the opposite of adult cats aren't they? My cat is not at all hyper and just wants to move from sleeping spot to sleeping spot all day. Now and then she will stalk an insect but that is about it.

I hope your bundle of energy is calm enough while you move.