Thursday, June 26, 2008

Flickr Favs Friday and a little something extra

A mosaic dedicated to diversity...

1. Volti d'Africa 2 - African faces 2 - 0088-1f, 2. Pregnant Lotus Smirk, 3. happy friends, 4. True Friendship, 5. Street Carnival Simplicity, 6. Be Strong Woman, 7. Rio, 8. united in different colors, 9. lily's smile, 10. Smile, 11. God put a smile upon your face, 12. his first smile, 13. A True Smile, 14. CHINA - Lost in a Mini Market, 15. Simple People #6

I came across this photo the other day. It's a piece of silk made by French artist Hector Guimard. The museum thinks it might have been made for the bodice of a dress but they don't know for sure. It is absolutely stunning! I want to touch it, feel it, maybe rub it against my cheek. *sigh*

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Juddie said...

Wow! That embroidered silk panel is stunning - what a treasure!