Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shopping with a purpose.

My sister and I were out shopping the other day and remembered that a certain store in our area was having a sale that day. We decided to head on over. The store is called Heavenly Treasures, it's in Glendora and it is a non-profit organization. What they do is, "support the Christian micro enterprise network through product and project development, market placement and distribution." So basically, they go into small villages in countries throughout the world and they teach the skills necessary to produce marketable products then they help market and distribute the products. Helping the people become more self sufficient is one of their main goals, a worthy goal in my opinion. We shop there as often as possible to help support them. This weekend I bought this bracelet...

which was made in Thailand I believe (I forgot - I know I'm terrible but I really do have problems with my memory). Isn't it pretty?!?! I love that it'll go with pretty much anything.

I also bought two of these bags...

One for me (black & white) and one for an aunt (brown & black). These I know were made by women in Kenya who call themselves Sisal Sisters. The craftsmanship is really amazing.

The shop offers everything from scarves to aprons to toys to jewelry, etc. If you get a chance check out their online shop and do some shopping.

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