Friday, August 29, 2008

Hooray for Friday!

Fridays are so awesome that not only do they deserve a hooray they deserve their own meme...oh wait, Friday already has a couple of meme's dedicated to it. I forgot. If you wanna play along with the Love Fridays meme head on over to Big Cat's Emporium and check it out. And of course there's my own (sadly neglected as of late but due to return today) Flickr Favs Friday.

So let me spread some love for's why they are so great...
  1. I get out of work at 11. I'm not bragging, really.
  2. New movies open on Fridays. Because I'm such a bad action flick junkie and none of my friends actually want to go see these movies with me, Fridays are the perfect day to go see them since I'm let loose at such an early hour all by myself.
  3. Monrovia Farmer's Market / Street Fair. Bigger now than ever before, you can get your exercise and fresh produce all in one place.
  4. I'm flush with dough since I just got paid.
  5. I can indulge my natural night owl tendancies since there's no work the next day.
Just a few great reasons to love Fridays.

UPDATE: I've mentioned that my sister and I have been trying to buy this house. We had our bid accepted by the bank and were waiting to hear from the city (who has a first time home buyer program we chose to take advantage of) to see how much, if any, funding we would get. The city had enough funding to give grants to 7 applicants, only 3 turned in applications and only 2 (us and our friend who actually started us on this whole adventure) had everything complete. So because of that, we were the only ones who got funding, full funding (that's $100,000 baby!).

Because we didn't know for sure until now if the house was really ours I didn't want to post the interior photos cuz if we ended up not getting it for whatever reason it would have been just that much more difficult. But since we now know here are some photos...

This is the entrance to the living room.

This is our dining room...
and our dining room ceiling (my favorite part of the house).
There are built-ins all over the place.
Our one and only teeny tiny bathroom.
And the kitchen with brand new cupboards and granite countertop.
And that's basically it. The bedrooms are just bedrooms and the garage is just a garage but these are the best bits.


CurlyPops said...

The house looks beautiful...and it looks like you can move straight in without even doing any work. Congratulations, how exciting!

JustJess said...

So fantastic! Well done with the funding too - that's got to help. Can't wait to see how the interior designing goes! Congratulations.

Belinda said...

Oh wow! Congratulations! Welcome to the world of home ownership! Sounds like a great place for a hootenanny! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Anonymous said...

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