Thursday, August 7, 2008


My computer is in the hospital. It suffered a near meltdown so we took it to Dr. GeekSquad and they said that it'll be somewhere between 2 to 6 weeks before we get it back. Luckily it's still under the extended warranty that we paid for (you know, the one that most people, me included, usually scoff at, saying it's all bollox, just a way for Best Buy to make money off us suckers, yeah that warranty).

I'm already having withdrawals...shaking, cold sweats, etc. So, from now on all my blogging is going to be done at work which means that a) I have to be very sneaky b) All the bloggers out there that I read normally that are on Typepad or Wordpress I won't be able to access unless I go to a internet cafe or something and there aren't all that many in this area and 3) my This is....'s are all going to be done on Mondays (that's Tuesdays for those down under). I'm just glad that I can still access blogger here at work. Ed the internet Nazi is on vacation for 2 weeks so I'm in no danger of losing that privilege any time soon. He has a tendency of limiting my access and he's probably a little justified in that, seeing as how I spend at least an hour a day either posting to my blog or reading other blogs. I'm such a bad employee.

And because I don't have any real photos to go with this post I'll leave you with a collage of the Bubbers...


CurlyPops said...

Oh Noooooo! that's so sad!
Hopefully it will be fixed quick the new header!

BigCat said...

Terrible news. Thank goodness the Ed the internet nazi is away.

one little acorn said...

OK. So I get it - these tech Nazi's are obliged to keep us on the straight and narrow, we are afterall at work and being paid for a full days work - but maaaan the power goes to their heads sometimes and it is so so infuriating.
I can't access any personal email at work anymore and it drives me crazy. If they ever block blogger I swear, I will go insane!