Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Warning! Whining Ahead!

I miss my computer!!!! It is driving me CRAZY not having it! There are certain blogs that I read religiously that I can not access at work, not to mention my email accounts (yes, plural) on yahoo, and no etsy or ebay?!....GRRRR!!!!! Not that I would do that here at work...not me! But at home, at night, in the late night hours when the yearning hits strongest...I get no satisfaction.

As far as the blogs go, I finally remembered that I can read everybody's posts in my Google reader but I can't leave any comments and I feel I'm neglecting my duties as a responsible blog reader if I don't leave one. While I realize that the Earth won't stop rotating and the Heavens won't end up in chaos if I don't leave a comment, there are times when I just really want to leave one. For instance, when Emily's cat, Miette(over at the Black Apple), fell ill, I couldn't tell her how much I hoped he would get better quickly. Or the other day when Lisa (over at Strickerin) had some apprehension about getting on a plane but had shown her lovely knitted items I couldn't tell her how really nice the hats and scarves looked in those pretty purples and pinks or how I hoped she had a good flight.

I think I'm just upset because leaving a comment is my way of connecting. Lurking on someone's blog is all fine and good but we all know how much comments (nice comments, not those snarky ones some people feel compelled to leave) can boost or bolster our mood.

And then there's all those times when you're sitting around at home talking or even watching tv and you think, "oooh I gotta Google that" but then you realize, "oh yeah, I can't". Bummer.

Anyhoo, I don't really have any photos to go with this rant so I decided to put together this collage of wierd/flashback-y/just plain bad pics of me (because I'm so vain).

That top left photo was my first diy haircut. This is why scissors should be kept out of reach of young children. That and the whole danger factor.

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Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I hope you get your computer back soon. I can completely understand how frustrated you must feel!