Sunday, August 24, 2008

This Is...My Favourite Children's Book

My favorite all time children's story is Peter Pan. I was given a really nice edition of it in high school by a couple of friends and it has since been lost in one of the many times I moved in the last 10 years and I'm pretty heartbroken about it. One of these days I'll splurge on another one but until then here's some really sweet illustrations by Mabel Lucy Attwell. You can find more here.

Thanks to Potty Mouth Momma for this week's theme. If you wanna check out some more great books, go over to Three Buttons and check 'em out.


The Never Fairy said...

I've got another great book for you - and it's about Peter Pan!
Imagine a novel that's based on Barrie's idea for more Pan adventure... and this is that book! It's also faithful to his original stories unlike all the other prequels and sequels. Click on my name to see!

ingrid said...

I just recently reread this and it was as lovely as ever.

Yours has much lovelier illustrations than mine though.

potty mouth mama said...

Wow, those are great illustrations - I completely forgot about Peter Pan for my faves - I always talk about him to my son! Thanks for the reminder.