Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Comedy of Errors

Have you ever had one of those mornings where just getting out the door to go to work is an ordeal?

I've been trying to get my kitty accustomed to the new litter box spot, which is in the downstairs bathroom. This morning I put her out of my bedroom so she can go do her bizniz but apparently when I closed my door it didn't "click". So I come out of my shower and the cat is in the bathroom and on my bathmat is a teeny tiny pee spot. Grrr.

From there it was all down hill.

I start getting dressed and I can't find two items of clothing that I had planned to wear. Where did they go? The house, I believe, is eating my things. I put on any shirt at this point and gather my laptop and bam - nosebleed. Having only two hands and a limited amount of time, I remedy this by simply stuffing a tissue up the offending nostril.

I take my meds, grab my laptop bag and head downstairs through the labyrinth of moving boxes. I make it down the stairs without killing either myself or the cat who decides she wants to get all cute and attack my feet on the frickin stairs. I set down my bag, and head into the bathroom to brush my hair and exchange tissues (I spy near the kitchen a newly purchased bag of dog food, now why does that stick in my head?).

Normally, at this point I have about 10 minutes before my ride shows up to relax watch the news, see what the weather is going to be like this week, but as soon as I come out of the bathroom I hear her pull up.

Shoes, I need shoes! Didn't I leave the pair I want to wear down here? Nope can't find them so I end up having my sister toss down a pair of flip flops (work is pretty casual).

Ok, grab lunch (canned soup), get rid of tissue sticking out of the middle of your face, say a little prayer to thank God the bleeding has stopped, grab purse and bag and go...doh! On one of the packed boxes there was a coffee drink that had been left out (not by me) and over it went right on my foot. Gross! But hey, I'm wearing flip flops so I go put my stuff in the car and tell Gloria (my carpool buddy) to hold on a sec and go wash off my foot, shoe and all at the spigot near the door.

Cool, we're on our way. I, of course, am regaling Gloria with the happenings of the morning. Then, "Oh crap!" I exclaim, I tell Glo that I had forgotten to bring a couple of things that needed to come to work with me this morning, ok, no big deal I'll just bring them tomorrow.

5 seconds go by then another "Oh crap!" At this point Gloria is just me, not with me. I knew that bag of dog food stuck in my head for a reason. My poor bubby has absolutely no food in his bowl. Poor guy is gonna be hungry all day. Well, ok more than likely he'll just be asleep all day but still, I feel bad.

So that was my morning. I'm just hoping I got rid of all of today's bad karma in one fell swoop. We'll see.


Erin said...

oh dear! my day started with a nosebleed too. i hope your day only got better from there!

Gloria said...

I laughed at you this morning and now im laughing as I read it. For some reason it seems funnier the second time around LOL.

edward and lilly said...

oh no, I would not have survived that ordeal, it makes for quite a funny read though :)

Drewzel said...

I couldn't find shoes this morning either...well i could find one shoe...not the other...

I've made it 'Blogtoberfest Fave Friday' play along if you like...check out my post. xx