Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My new toy

A couple of weeks ago, in this post, I mentioned that I was going to buy myself a birthday gift. I felt that having reached the ripe "old" age of 35 I could indulge myself a bit and so I did. I bought myself an ipod touch. It was a huge splurge for me since I generally try not to spend more than I absolutely need to, at least now that's how I am. I used to be a huge spender but that's what growing up does to you, I guess, makes you a penny pinching cheap skate. But I digress. Here's my new toy...

ok, I didn't take that picture. I did take a picture of my ipod but I downloaded it onto my work computer and I'm entering this post at home so this is the pic you get

I'm very pleased with it so far. Although I haven't really done much with it yet, I'm just impressed by the ease of use and the pretty pretty design. It is a little on the heavy side which surprised me considering how thin it is, but the weight is a plus for me cuz I generally put whatever device I'm listening to in a pocket and the heft just serves as a reminder that it's still there and I haven't been pick-pocketed.

So, if you haven't gotten on the mp3 player bus yet and you're wondering which one to get I recommend this one, but only if you're willing to drop a grip-o-bills. If not, go for the more economical Nano.

edit: Here's my pic...doesn't it look just like the one up there just with a few more buttons?


Mary-Laure said...

Oh lucky you! I love all things Apple.

Net said...

Happy Birthday! What a great gift - you totally deserve to treat yourself!