Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My dog is an internet star!

Better Homes and Gardens has a feature about cutest pet costumes. Guess who got two of his pictures picked - that's right, my Jasper. He's numbers 3 & 6 go check it out here. Although in the blurb for number 3 they call him a she and say that his sweater is handmade. It is definitely not hand made, at least not by me. I bought that sweater at the M&M's World in Times Square. But that's alright, you know what they say in show business...even bad (or in this case false) publicity is good publicity.


BigCat said...

Go Jasper. What a legend.

edward and lilly said...

That is so cool and what a cutie!

Laura said...

Awesome! Go Jasper!