Saturday, October 18, 2008

Junk Monster

Have you heard of the Junk Monster? I'm sure you haven't seen him. No one has, at least there are no documented cases of any eye witnesses. Here is one artist's rendering...

This nefarious villain is responsible for the chronic cluttering of thousands, maybe even millions of homes all over the globe. He comes in when no one is looking and dumps things in your house even as you're cleaning. You'll turn around and the next thing you know, in an area you tidied not 5 minutes ago, BAM! there will be more stuff. For instance, while in the process of moving, you could pack up 5 or ten boxes of your stuff then you walk back into the room and you're suddenly overcome. There seems to be a neverending array of stuff. You're wondering to yourself how could I have that much crap? It's just not possible! Kvetch not, my friend, it's just the junk monster going about his nasty business.

Photo credit: The Recycling Consortium