Monday, October 13, 2008

The weird, the cute and the snuggly

Have you ever looked at something and found it so pleasing to your eye you just had to take a picture of it then later asked yourself why you were taking a picture of your toiletries and shower paraphernalia? Well, that's exactly what I did yesterday. I got into the shower and thought to myself, "I'm loving this color palette!" So as soon as I was done with my shower I went and got the camera. Now, normally, I adamantly defend my weirdness but in this case I have no argument nor defense. But take a look, don't the colors just look really lovely together?

Please forgive the dirty grout.

Yeah, yeah, I know, "weird".

Now onto the cute...when I'm on my laptop in bed, I naturally have it on my lap, my kitty likes to sneak up under it and fwap at my wrists as I'm typing. How cute is that?!

The snuggly:

I don't have anything to say about this picture but I just had to throw it in.


edward and lilly said...

Yes, I can definitely commend you on that shower colour palette, the blue and pink are fab together. As for your little pom, you don't need words for him, what a cutie!

BigCat said...

I love this post. Too funny.