Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday Ramblings

MySaturdays seem to be getting shorter and shorter every week. Today I...

Had breakfast with the Parents
Bought a blouse to wear to a wedding
Took a 15 minute nap
Wrapped wedding gift
Ended up not going to wedding because I discovered I really hate weddings
Went shopping for stuff for a Halloween swap on Swap-Bot
Made Treat bags for the swap loot
Moved some full boxes out of my bedroom to make room so I can pack some more
Ordered pizza for dinner, didn't feel like cooking
Watched Gray's Anatomy

Now I'm in bed blogging. Not the most productive day but it flew by.

My sister signed the escrow papers today so now we're just waiting for the keys which we should have Monday or Tuesday. Yay!!

The wedding that I skipped out on today was the wedding of a girl who I was daycare counselor for when she was in elementary school. *Sigh*

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