Monday, October 10, 2011

Blogtoberfest Day 10 - Barcelona

Sorry for missing a day!! I don't know what happened but somehow I just completely forgot to post yesterday. 

Ok, Barcelona...
I don't normally take photos from the plane (the windows are usually so foggy or they distort), in fact, I didn't take this one but I love the circularness of this.  Los Angeles is completely not this way!

I have to confess that about 90% of my pictures are of architecture or art or in some cases both.  I loved these small little streets.  I absolutely loved that in the 16 days we were there I saw all of 1 SUV (a Hummer). These old buildings are so picturesque with their little wrought iron railings and the lights that look like earrings.

So, a little history (at least the way it was told to me by a tour guide)...Barcelona, for centuries, used to be a walled city, built by the Romans.  Then the Industrial Revolution came around and the citizens of the city started getting sick and dying from all the bad air.  So they started building outside the wall but never tore down the wall.  So, as you're walking around the old part of the city you'll come across parts of the old Roman wall. By the way, some parts of the wall date back to the first century BC...I can't even wrap my head around that!

Christopher Columbus Monument.  There's actually a teeny tiny elevator that takes you to the top to a teeny tiny observation deck where you can see the whole city. 

This is part of the view from the observation deck.

Barcelonetta beach
We were very excited to put our feet into the Mediterranean 

We took a hop on hop off bus tour and it poured on us.

Tomorrow is all about Antoni Gaudi.

Thanks for stopping by!

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