Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 4 - culinary tour of Xativa

Spain and Portugal are an eater's dream.  They are really big on the three main food groups...meat, bread and cheese.  With a few veggies thrown in for good measure.  There are also tons of ice cream shops everywhere.  Almost every other storefront sells ice cream of some sort.  I've always thought of France and Italy as foodie heaven but Spain and Portugal are right up there at the top for me.

On our first day there there was a huge get together at the church and this was our dinner.  This photo is missing the chorizo cuz it was just so good it didn't last long enough for the photo.  The other items are pork sausages, blood sausage and pork something else, not sure what part of the pig.

This was our dinner on our second day there...Paella.  Home made and Delicious! We had paella about three times that first week and I loved each kind.

Ok, I am not an olive fan at all, not even these, from what I'm told, amazing Spanish olives.  This pic is to show you what I call onions fantastico.  These little onions are pickled in red wine and are just plain yummy.

And this is coca.  It's sort of a cross between a quiche and pizza.  It is addictive so beware if you ever have any.  I think I ate 16 or 23 pieces, I'm not sure, I just know I was in a food coma for a long time afterward.  The crust really makes it go from good to great.  It basically has 3 ingredients...beer, flour and baking soda.  *sigh*

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