Monday, October 3, 2011

Blogtoberfest day 3

I think it's time I posted pics of our trip this's been 3 months, after all.  We had such a blast.  I gotta tell you, Spain was really nice but Portugal beats it by a mile.  The city of Lisbon is beautiful, as is the country side and the beaches.  And the people are SO NICE!!!!  I would go back in a heartbeat!  Anyway, here are a few pics from the first week we were there, in Xativa, Spain...

This is Madrid Barajas Airport...It's HUGE!!!!  If you ever have to catch a connecting flight here make sure you leave yourself plenty of time!
This is the view we had every morning from our room in Xativa.
This is the street the church we stayed at was on.  It's a really cute little town.
In fact some of the streets are tiled with marble!!!  I mean, really!

Downtown Xativa...perty!

Me and my sister and two friends outside the tourist bureau.

This fountain has 29 spigots.  The water comes from natural springs via Roman aqueduct and is very clean and very fresh tasting.

This castle sits on a big hill overlooking Xativa.  It was built by the Moors back in the 1100's or so and is a nice uphill hike (by nice I really mean gruelling but that's just my lazy butt opinion).

Another view of the castle

This is Gaby and Alyse...goobers both of them decided to try out the potties.

Ok, more pics tomorrow.  Hope you enjoyed these, thanks for stopping by!

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