Tuesday, October 18, 2011

blogtoberfest day 18 - Sometimes you just have no choice

I've been unemployed now for a year and 5 months and at first I was thinking that having all this time to myself is great, then the savings dwindled and the 401k was cashed out (not that there was much in there) and then that ran out.  It's funny how when you're first laid off you think it should be no problem getting a job doing exactly what I was doing, I'd been doing it for x amount of years after all and I'm practically an expert. So you send out resume after resume and nothing happens so you start to widen your parameters.  I've done retail before, you think to yourself, so lets start adding that.  Still nothing.  Next you add anything you might remotely be qualified for, or if you're not qualified for it you know you can learn it quickly.  Warehouse picker...sure I can do that.  Nada.  Finally, you add part-time and temp positions, hoping that, if nothing else, you'll get to have some money for Christmas presents.  Still, no nibbles.  That's when you decide, screw this, I'm going to start my own business, I have no choice. If no one is going to hire me, I'll hire myself.  And of course, you're terrified.  Scared it's going to fail, even more scared it's going to succeed and you won't have what it takes to keep it up.  But, really, you have no choice but to go forward with it because you know that after all this time not working no one wants to hire you and the government money isn't going to last forever and you know that the only way you truly fail is if you don't at least try.  And you know you have to get this business up and running in a matter of months or you're going to be in real trouble. 
That's where I'm at.  It's scary starting your own business.  I have days when I don't work on it at all because all I want to do is hide in bed and hope that when I do come out of my little cave it's going to be there, up and running without me having had to do the hard stuff.  Then I snap out of it and take a deep breath and dive in again.  Here's to hoping I'm not in over my head!

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