Friday, October 21, 2011

blogtoberfest day 21 - Flickr Faves Friday

I used to do this every Friday but stopped when the blogging became a bit tedious a couple years ago.  I thought, though, in honor of Blogtoberfest I'd revive it.  I've been meaning to redecorate my bedroom, or rather, decorate my bedroom and have bought the paint and everything already.  I've just been waiting for the motivation to get going on it.  I'm hoping these bedrooms will help. I'm loving grey and have bought a plummy grey color for my wall (s) so these are similar to what I'm thinking, at least for the color.  Most of these look like hotel rooms, sorta impersonal so ignore that fact.  Anyway, here are my Flickr Faves this Friday...

1. Purple White and Grey Bedroom, 2. Mirage Maple Charcoal, 3. Gray + white + yellow bedroom: Benjamin Moore chalkboard paint + ikat duvet, 4. Brian Bedside, 5. The sleep room, 6. New Inspiration: Elegant Bedroom Design by Mobil Fresno, 7. bedroom / nightstands, 8. Luxury Bedrooms at The River Lee Hotel, 9. black and white bedrooms, 10. Bedroom from Domino, 11. Bedroom finished, 12. gray bedroom

Mosaic made with fb labs more day till my giveaway, don't forget to enter!!

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