Friday, October 7, 2011

Blogtoberfest day 7 - Sintra, Estoril & Cascais

While we were in Portugal we decided we wanted to take a bus tour to see Pena Palace and the Atlantic coast.  And it was worth every penny (about 17 Euros).  I would do it again but instead of a four hour tour I'd do an all day one.  The countryside outside of Lisbon is so beautiful! Unfortunately I didn't get a whole lot of pictures because we were on a moving bus but here's what I did get...

 These are all of Pena Palace.  It has a very surreal sea life meets the shore motif.

These are Cabo Da Roca.  The western most point of continental Europe.  The drive here was filled with adorable little villages, any of which I'd love to have my vacation house in.

These are of the beaches of Cascais (pronounced cashkesh).  *sigh*

These are of Estoril.  According to rumor, Ian Fleming got the idea for Casino Royale here because Europe's biggest casino is here (not in Monaco).

And that, in a nutshell was our tour.  It was a 4 hour tour that felt like 30 minutes.  I strongly recommend, if anyone is planning on taking a trip to Portugal to take this tour (or a longer one).  You won't regret a single moment.



Sophie Slim said...

My goodness, Europe is so old and beautiful. Somedays I can't wait to travel there, others I don't mind, haha, these photos make me want to open a savings account.

The Cascais beach looks like the beach Dobby was buried in on Harry Potter 7... If you are familiar.

Sasparilla Sue said...

Sophie,I am very familiar, in fact I just saw it a couple nights ago. It is sorta like that, just much sunnier!