Sunday, October 9, 2011

Blogtoberfest Day 8 - A day of fun

So yesterday I said I'd post pics of Barcelona but I'm not feelin it. Instead I thought I'd just post about my fun day today.  I attend a Saturday morning Bible study and this morning I really wanted to go to this local farm, Amy's Farm, and buy some veggies so I invited a friend from the Bible study to go along with my sister and I and we all packed in the car and went out for lunch and then to the farm.  The farm is all about educating people about preserving the land while growing organic produce and raising livestock in a very humane way. We went out meaning to buy produce but most of it was already gone at that point but we did buy 3 perfect little sugar pumpkins that will eventually make it into some yummy breads and pies and soup and...

After visiting with the goats and turkeys we left the farm and stopped at Cost Plus World Market (a particular favorite of mine) and then to get some frozen yogurt.  It's always nice to find some no sugar added froyo in flavors other than vanilla!  jFinally we ended the day making dinner at my friend's house and watching a movie...just the perfect laid back saturday in the sun with friends.

Here's a little fun we had while at Cost Plus...

Hope you all had a good Saturday!

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