Friday, May 30, 2008

Flickr Favs Friday

I've had a love affair with cupcakes since I was a kid...they are, undoubtedly, the perfect dessert food. Individual serving, loads of yummy frosting, specially wrapped just for you...perfect. I'm also giddy that cupcakes are being used as decorations all over the place!! The best cupcake I've ever had (other than my own, of course) was from the Magnolia Bakery on Bleecker Street in NYC...the frosting is a little taste of heaven. So here are some cupcake flickr fav's (by the way, about 2/3 of these are made by Kylie Lambert of Le Cupcake in Australia - it's enough to make me want to move there)

1. Cupcake and Chai Time, 2. Banana Cupcakes with Fresh Passionfruit Icing, 3. cupcakes for Bridal expo, 4. tea party cupcakes (for bridal fair), 5. Green Tea Cupcake Love (with heart shaped decorations), 6. Bridal Magazine Cupcakes, 7. "minnie "cupcake, 8. signature cupcakes, 9. alice in wonderland cupcakes, 10. Flower & butterfly cupcakes! Not quite finished yet!, 11. Rose shabby chic cupcake, 12. Wedding Cupcakes for a Magazine Shoot!, 13. Cupcake Pops, 14. 21st Birthday cake for my niece!, 15. Black & White Wedding Cupcakes, 16. Retro Cupcake, 17. butterflies, flowers & cupcakes!, 18. wedding cupcake-butterfly

P.s. I'm always forgetting to mention where to make these mosaics but I was reminded when this lovely lady posted about it just today so go here to make your own.

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