Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Indiana Jones and Julia Roberts is nuts

I went this weekend to see the Indiana Jones movie, despite my no spending in May (how can you say no to Indy?). It was pretty good, not great, but pretty good. Don't get me wrong, the people at Lucas Films and Stephen Spielberg know their stuff when it comes to all the special effects and even just the feel-good adventure that is what makes the Indiana Jones movies so great. But, either my expectations were through the roof with reality no where else to go but down or it just was not as good as the previous three. I'm not sure which it is. It seemed like I was just waiting for the big wow but it never came. And to be honest, it kinda reminded me of the second Mummy movie, you know the one with Brenden Frazier. It had alot of things in common with that movie. All that being said, it is definitely something you should go see in the theater because with all the special effects and such, unless you have a really big TV with a really good sound system, it's just better in the theater. Of course, the acting was, as it always is, stellar. And, really, Harrison Ford at any age is, well, yummy. Shia Labeouf is a really great young actor and he plays this part decently. So, go, see it for yourself and let me know what you think.

Part II

Julia Roberts is nuts...not the put her in a straight jacket kinda nuts but more the look at her askance kind of nuts. She and some other chicky were on Oprah a while back talking about how we should use products that are all natural and good for us instead of the usual suspects, ok, I can get behind that. When they came to deodorant/antiperspirant the other chicky was saying that there are products out there that don't have aluminum as an ingredient and we should be using those cuz aluminum is a neurotoxin, which, yeah, better to not have that floating around in your body (I think aluminum compounds are used to stop the sweating, really, I think they use other things for the odor). Then Julia pipes up and says that she doesn't use deodorant/antiperspirant and never has because she just doesn't like it. To which Oprah replies that Julia always smells so nice when she's on the show. But how does she smell when she's filming? I mean have you seen Erin Brokovich or The Mexican? I'll bet she didn't smell nice during those shoots. I dunno maybe she just doesn't sweat? Who knows? Now if any of you out there reading this don't use deodorant yourselves, I don't mean to offend, but if I were to go even a day without, well, that just isn't pleasant for anybody.

By the way, I've tried two different types of deodorant that don't have aluminum in them and neither work.


Des said...

I've been dying to chime in on Indiana Jones SOMEWHERE! So here I am and here I go. I was so bummed that I paid full price for the theater experience. I could have been just fine with it on netflix. I couldn't stand Marion. I really liked her in #1 but she and Indy drove me crazy. Ew, ick. It didn't seem as funny either. I thought it was very true to the time period of the late 50's and russians and aliens. Thoroughly enjoyed Cate Blanchett. I thought that was a great idea. I liked Mutt. But I'm afraid Marion ruined it for me. Oh, I feel so much better.

Sasparilla Sue said...

Now that you mention it, she was an element in the movie that you could have taken out and it wouldn't have mattered, it even would have been better.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I know what you mean about the aluminium-free deoderant. I prefer to avoid chemicals where possible but....

I've tried 2 a.-free deoderants. One was labelled simply as a deoderant. I always try these things when I'm at home all day first. By the end of the day, I was smelly. The second one is labelled as an anti-persperant deoderant and works much better. Mind you, Ionly use it if I'm at home all day, I would never dream about using it for a day at work.

My husband on the other hand, uses one of those crystal things. They work for some people, but not others. He still smells lovely at the end of the day.

muralimanohar said...

Yeah, that's how I felt about Indy, too....HAD to see it cause it was, well, INDY, but other than that, I am not in the hugest rush to recommend it to anyone, sadly. (BTW...did you know there is ANOTHER Mummy movie coming out?? I didn't....and the second one stinking is not going to stop me from going and seeing the third one. :p)

Aluminum free deo...I can't get it to work anymore, either...but my happy mix is to use the aluminum stuff about once a week, and the crystal the rest of the time. Seems to work, even in Hawaii, for me. I figure it's that much less aluminum...it's gotta have SOME benefit, right? :p (Apparently Matthew Mconewhatever you call it refuses to use deo, either, and practically killed Kate Hudson during their last shoot, lol...she even tried to get him to use the crystal...no go. :p )