Sunday, May 11, 2008

This mom.

This week's theme is in honor of Mother's Day. Three Buttons suggested "this is what reminds me of my mom" then there was the suggestion of "this is a picture of my mom and the best advice my mom ever gave me." And since I like to see the sight of my own typing I'm gonna do it all.

These first 2 pics are of my mom before I was born. I believe this was the last time she ever wore heels or had long hair.

This pic is how I know my mom. Tanktop, pants, short hair. Comfortable and easy to take care of. She's a very no-nonsense person, my mom.

Here are some of the things that remind me of my mom...

1. Craning for a book, 2. La sarten y el perolo, 3. mmmmm, 4. Harvest Time=) 3, 5. Light Painting #52 (Dad’s Microscope), 6. Merino Sock Yarn

She's an avid reader, she's a great cook, she can't go a day without coffee, she loves to grow things - anything really, she worked in a lab almost all her whole adult life, and she is never without some knitting or crocheting in her bag.

As far as advice goes, her best morsel and the one that has stuck with me more than the others is not to require another person to make me feel complete. Spouses and children are life's bonuses, not requirements.

And that's a glimpse into who my mom is. To see other Mother's Day posts visit Three Buttons and see who's playing along.

BTW, I took a picture of my mom today when we took her out but she's making a really funny face and kinda looks like an english bull dog so I didn't think she'd appreciate me posting that little jem.


Lisa said...

What a lovely homage to your Mum. She looks so sweet in her dress and heels.

Gloria said...

great post for your mommy. she needs to adopt me.