Wednesday, May 7, 2008

More flickr favs

Some flickr favs...I really like pinwheels, they take me back to those childhood moments at parades, the county fair or even just going to Thrifty's or Coronet (local stores that no longer exist). Enjoy the eye candy.

1. pinwheel, 2. New pinwheel for my darling, 3. thousands of pinwheels, 4. Pinwheels, 5. Pinwheels, 6. Pinwheel frustration, 7. Pinwheel, 8. Black pinwheel hairclip/brooch (front), 9. pinwheels, 10. Pinwheels Through a Window, 11. Red Pinwheels at the DMZ, 12. pinwheel, 13. Pinwheels of my mind, sunday by the zoo, 14. Pinwheel, 15. Pinwheels of Peace, 16. Pinwheels

1 comment:

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Lovely collection of images! I love pinwheels as well, there's something so festive and free about them.