Saturday, May 31, 2008

A wealth of riches

Yesterday I came home to this package in my mail box. Des over at Quilt Taffy sent me a bundle of wonderful fabrics!!! I couldn't even begin to pick a favorite so I'll show all of them to you. Bear with me because there's so many of them that it makes for a photo heavy post. I've grouped them into groups that makes sense, at least in my head.

That one at the top is sorta hard to see in the picture but those are little strawberries - so cute! And those owls at the bottom have me on cute overload.

These are set one of the very Japanese fabrics, you know, the more traditional kind. The two kokeshi doll fabrics (second and third from the top) are adorable.

Ok, if you wanna talk about can't see them in the photo cuz the print is really small but there are sailors and anchors and sail boats and lighthouses...there's even one little sailor boy doing pinafore. too cute!

In this set, the top two have tea pots and tea cups, the next two are florals and the bottom three are more of the traditional Japanese fabrics.

I haven't decided what to do with them yet because I'm still just giddy that I actually won anything. Thanks so much Des! You've got some major good karma coming you're way.

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muralimanohar said...

Stop showing fabrics, dammit! I am not supposed to be lusting after any more, til I use up some of the stuff exploding off my own shelves!!!! :p