Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I love my camera!!!

My sister is back and so is my camera! La la la - this is me singing because I love my camera. In honor of my camera being back home, I did an impromtu On My Desk Tuesday...So here's what's on my desk...

1. My doll quilt that is not even close to being done, even though it's due to go out this week. Don't tell anyone that it's hiding on my desk.

2. Purell hand sanitizer

3. Meyer Lemon Lotion from Restoration Hardware.

4. My Rolodex

5. Paper stuff that I make when I'm bored

6. Miscellaneous pictures

7. Typical office supplies.

I would have taken more interesting photos but there's not a whole lot of good subject matter here at the office so this is what you get.

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