Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hot hot hot

It is HOT! I believe it was around 90, 92 today. Tomorrow it's supposed to get hotter and Saturday, the day of our outdoor craft fair, it's supposed to be around 100 - 105. Hmmmmm...heat isn't my favorite. I'm more of a winter person. It'll be interesting on Saturday.

Around here, it's been busy busy busy getting ready for the fair. Sewing, sewing sewing, and for a novice sewer, that's alot of sewing. But I'm really enjoying it. Strange, cuz in my teen years I thought sewing was just a total waste of time and energy. Just shows how much teenagers know.
Anyhoo, tonight I decided to make these pincushions. They're a little bigger than your normal pincushion but I thought if there isn't anybody that sews at the fair, there might be someone that will want them as decoration.

Well, it's late so I'm signing off, after Saturday I'll do some proper posting instead of this short bizniz.

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muralimanohar said...

I was going to ask how they went, but hello, it's still not even the weekend yet. I'll check back later. :p