Sunday, May 18, 2008

This is how I recycle.

This week's topic has, I admit, brought me a little shame. I'd like to say that I very diligently separate my recyclables but I'd be lying. When I do remember to I'm good about it. Unfortunately, I don't always remember. So, instead of "recycling" I'd rather talk about "re-using". I go to thrift stores and yard sales regularly. But what I really love to do is take old furniture and make it like new. In our house we have all sorts of these projects going on. Here are the two pieces that I've refurbished and that I use the most.
The nightstand that is being used as part of my temporary sewing station, and which isn't quite finished yet, I got at a thrift store for $8. It was your basic oak nightstand but seeing as I love my furniture to be white, I painted it and gave it new handles. The chair in front of it was an ebay find. It had been painted a weird off white / pinky kind of color and had magic marker in the grooves, I think to make it look "shabby chic". I once again painted it white and changed the seat fabric.
I don't generally say no to anybody who has any furniture to offer. If I can't find a place for it in my house, I can give it a makeover and find it a new owner. One of my favorite furniture contributors is an aunt of mine who has fabulous taste but, unfortunately, she moved from a short ride down the freeway to Hawaii. Not so easy to get her cast offs now. :( So if any of you out there have any old furniture to get rid of, you know who to call.
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Lisa said...

Great pieces of furniture and what bargains too.

Two Peas In a Pod said...

Great furniture I love the little night stand. I love yard sales, it is such cheap, fun...bargin hunting. Cheers kyla