Monday, March 17, 2008

4 Days and Counting!!!

In four days I'll officially be on vacation! Yay! I'm really stoked about going, mostly because we're doing it for so cheap. Our plane tickets were free tickets we got from the airline for volunteering to be bumped on a trip last year. We're staying at a KOA Kampground so that's super cheap ($148 for a week) and the rental car turned out to be super cheap also ($106 for the week). So between the two of us (my sister, and I) after buying admission tickets to some sites ahead of time have spent about $175 each on a one week vacation. That's AWESOME!! (especially since I owe the IRS a butt-load of money)

So now, I'm just counting down the days. We're going to Colonial Williamsburg and that area to visit all the historical sites (shut up Chris, stop snickering). I loves me an educational vacation. Besides, they have a Busch Gardens Amusement park there, too. And, it'll be one more state / capitol (we fly into Richmond) to cross off my list. I think it'll be something like 9 down, 41 to go. No prob, I'm young-ish. I'll be loading up some, hopefully, interesting pics as the week goes by. Until then I'm busy busy busy doing laundry, packing, etc. Oh, yeah, and making more little flowers and such, you know, idle hands and all that.

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Veronika said...

Have fun on your vacation.... I plan to spend my spring break at my new store... I am looking forward to it and hope the next two weeks go by fast....