Friday, March 21, 2008

4 hours to go!

I leave for the airport in 1 hour and our plane takes off in 4. I'm so excited and ready to go that I can't seem to sit still.

I took the bubbers to my mom and dad's house this afternoon and well lets just say it was very difficult for me to do. Then my mom has to go and call me up and be all..."He's still sitting on the chair near the door (where I last saw him when we dropped him off). He won't come down and he won't stop looking at the door. He's just waiting for you to come get him." Thanks Mom! That makes me feel all warm and sunshiney inside...geez!

Here he is trying to get away from my mom...*sigh*

Other than that little bump, though, I'm ready to go. I've got the world's biggest suitcase (it comes up to my waist and I'm 5'9) with lots of extra room for souveniers and such. Well, gotta go, more to come during the week.

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