Saturday, March 1, 2008

Duane Who?

The other day I said that I miss Duane Reade. A friend replied "Duane who?" For those of you who have been to New York City you know who Duane Reade is, or rather what Duane Reade is. Now, let me put it into context. I was basically moaning and groaning about missing the Big Apple itself, not really the pharmacy Duane Reade which is on almost every other corner in Manhattan. Mind you, I only spent a week there but I fell instantly in love. I mean any city that can get this die-hard L.A. driver up and walking the streets has to be a fantastic city. I loved almost everything about it. The jam-packed-ness of it, the height of it, the history of it, the glamour of it...almost all of it.

I miss the subway, and the nut/ pretzel vendors near central park. Those nuts are awesome!!! I miss checking out the diverse architecture, not to mention the diverse cultures. I miss Filene's Basement and Century 21 and The Pearl River Mart. I miss that you can get a bagel every 1/2 a block and the hot dogs and mango drink at Gray's Papaya, and the cupcakes (ok, mostly just the frosting cuz I'm a frosting junkie) at Magnolia Bakery, and I especially miss the hot chocolate at City Bakery on 18th. And, strangely enough, I miss the funny names on the train up the Hudson River line (Spuyten Duyvil?!?!).

Ah well, one day I'll make it back but until then, I'll just have to get my pharmaceuticals at SoCal's version of Duane Reade...CVS or Walgreens.

Throughout my visit there was just something that nagged at the back of my mind but I couldn't put a finger on it until we were on the flight home. Manhattan is for skinny people. I'm not talking about the fact that it's our country's fashion mecca and style capital. And I'm not speaking out of resentment towards thin women or any such emotion I'm being completely objective. I have a genuine theory that Manhattan doesn't allow a large number of large people simply because there is no room for them. Many of the restaurants and cafes are narrow little storefronts where the average space between tables (side to side) is about 12" and about 2 1/2' (front to back). This just doesn't allow for anyone of considerable girth, therefore, over time they're being weeded out so all that will be left are the skinnies. The very nature of the island - being so crowded and jam packed - demands that its inhabitants fit within its borders comfortably.

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