Monday, March 24, 2008

Day trois

Today we stuck to Colonial Williamsburg like white on rice, like flies on poo, get the picture. It's a very interesting place. People dressed in period costume, horse-and-carriages clop clop clopping down the street. It seems a little surreal to me to be in a place that had housed so many of our founding fathers. Anyway, we toured the Governor's Palace (don't let Arnold hear about this Governor's Palace thing, he might find new ways to spend my tax dollars) which was large compared to all the rest of the buildings but not as large as I had pictured in my head. But it has a really cool hedge maze. And of course I geeked out for a minute and pretended to be Harry Potter but, I digress. From there we just wandered on our own til we met up with friends who live in the area for lunch, then more wandering, then a nap in the car, then the Legends, Myths and Mysteries tour...ooooooooh...sorry, no pictures were taken but take my word for it, it was a little spooky and a lot of fun.

So, without more blah blah blah from me here are today's pics...
This is actually the rear of the palace, I don't think we got a single shot of the front, we'll have to do that tomorrow.
April in the gardens, I think this thing is called an arbor but I really couldn't tell ya.
The boxwood maze...don't ya feel like pretending to be Harry Potter too?
One of the many carriages that roam the streets (and leave poo).
The "townspeople" in period dress making a flag. If you look closely at the guy on the far right, I think they got the guy who played Napolean from Bill and Ted's Big Adventure.
So that was our day today. Lots of walking and standing = sore feet!!! I did spy with my little eye a spa not too far...hmmmm....

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