Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Day 4 y cinco

Day 4
Today we did some more exploring of Colonial Williamsburg. I don't really remember most of it because of the foggy brain but I know we spent about the first half of the day there then we decided to do some driving around the not do this if any of you are planning on coming here. We drove and drove and found nothing. The areas surrounding the historical triangle of Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown is just super small town nothingness, no offense to anyone who might be reading this that lives here. After the drive we came back and I conked out. Here are some pics from today's activities...

This is the Williamsburg Capitol Building.
This is the bookbinder's house. I want a little stream running by my house!!
There were these players putting on a play in honor of women's history month. They were very pleasing to behold...uh, I mean they rocked...sorry, a little bit of the colonial-ness got the better of me.

This was a Yankee Candle store...the whole building...all of it. It was a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!
Today we went down to Yorktown. They have a historical part that we walked and drove through but none of the shops or buildings were open yet. Then we went down to the riverfront area and did some more shopping (sorry, can't help myself). Then we went to the Victory Center where they have a museum and a living museum with an army encampment and a working farm. Finally we ended the day with, I'm ashamed to say, more shopping at this HUGE outlet mall. (be proud of me, I didn't buy a single thing.) Here are today's pics...
They call this the Great Valley...not so "great" but very picturesque.
These are some of the shops down at the can you see why I couldn't stop myself?

These are the "army field doctor" and a garden on the working farm.
That's all folks. Tomorrow we're stopping off at a spa for a quick massage then heading to the airport. Next you hear from me, it'll be from the comfort of my own home...yay!

I'm coming home bub!!! I miss my dog more than I can say!!


Anonymous said...

i dig that yellow dress. why dont girls wear pretty dresses anymore?

Sasparilla Sue said...

They do wear pretty dresses nowadays...I think you just like the corset. We don't wear those cuz they are UNcomfortable! You try it and see...I dare you.