Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Let the creative juices flow!!

I've been in a frenzy lately about finding ways to let off some creative steam. I did some scrapbooking but that just doesn't cut it for me (hee hee - get it - "cut it" cuz you do alot of cutting in scrapbooking...*sigh* I slay me). In the past I have made a few sewn projects but never really felt a passion for it. Then, at Christmas, I made a couple of lap quilts for my work friends, Fred and Gloria, and something changed. It was like a fever - a big old I gotta sew fever. Yeah, sewing fever...that's what I gots! So, lately I've been buying fabric by the metric ton, ok, not that much but definitely pounds and pounds of it. It's amazing how therapeutic and relaxing sewing can be. I just tune out the world and I'm in the "zone".

I came a cross this flower making tutorial and can't stop making them...I even make them at work on my lunch break. I've never been OCD but I'm teetering on the edge, man!! Anyway, I'm toting around fabric and needles and thread, etc with me everywhere I go so if you see me with "the bag" you'll know instantly that my mind probably isn't on whatever it is I'm doing at the moment but, more than likely, it's on when I can get to making my next flower. Alright, I'm not just teeterng, I'm way over the edge. I included some pics of a few of the flowers and some fabrics that I think would make awesome flowers. I'm also doing a couple other "crafty" projects but they've been put on the backburner for now cuz it's all about the flowers, baby!

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