Sunday, March 23, 2008

Day Zwei

Today we visited the Jamestown and Yorktown historical areas. First was Jamestown. The Jamestown Settlement was interesting. They have this huge modern building that houses a gallery and theater and museum then you leave the building and walk a little ways to the actual settlement. They have ship replicas on the river too, that was pretty cool. Then it was on to Yorktown...we didn't really stop at the historical area cuz by this time I was plum tuckered so we drove (slowly) past the battlefield but then we went down to the river where they have a little shopping area (closed, cuz of Easter) and a few historical type buildings. This is where we had dinner. Then after we left Yorktown we went shopping cuz what's a vacation without shopping?!?! Here are some pics from today's excursion...
This is the entrance to the Jamestown Settlement. There's a flag for each state.
This is the actual settlement.
This is the drive to Yorktown...beautiful isn't it?
Also on the way to Yorktown, right behind the College of William and Mary, there are all these bridges that make the drive even more picturesque.
I'm not sure where this is but I really liked the sparkly water....ooh, pretty.
The "beach" on the river at Yorktown. Isn't it a gorgeous day?
Anyway, that was today, more tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

i'll never understand this shopping on vacation instinct.... sigh.... women